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Chesapeake Home Magazine: Taking The Chill Off The Grill


Taking The Chill Off The Grill

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 | by Chesapeake Home Magazine | Photography by Vendors

Summer’s not the only time to fire up the outdoor kitchen

By Buzz McClain

Now that there’s a nip and football’s in the air, it’s tempting to leave the cover on the backyard grill. Roasting al fresco has its appeal in warm weather months — not so much when the sun sets before dinnertime. But it’s long been a badge of honor for “real” grillmasters to fire up the charcoal or gas year-round.

The key for first-time non-fair-weather grillers is to cheat. First, don’t linger by the grill listening to that satisfying sizzle; scoot inside as soon as the top closes. Second, use top-quality gear that limits your exposure to the elements and cuts down the number of times you’ll need to venture out of the warmth of the house.

Here are a few new-to-market or improved devices to keep the home fires burning until next summer, when the grillin’ is easy.

1 All-Clad Stainless Steel BBQ Set
Your kitchen is covered in All-Clad pots and pans, so your grill should be no exception. With this everything-you-need set, you also have a metal carrying case for transporting the utensils to the grill and back in one trip, instead of several chilly journeys back and forth. $119. Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.


2 FiAir Blower
We all know that if you fan the flames, the charcoal will catch fire and turn to embers quicker than if you leave it alone. And please don’t add another squirt of accelerant — it shows up in the flavor. This battery-powered, hand-held gadget cuts the time in half to bring your coals to cooking temperature — just eight to 12 minutes. This, obviously, minimizes the amount of time you linger on a cold deck or hang out in the kitchen waiting for the coals to glow. It also brings wood fires to full blaze in two minutes, useful for fireplaces, fire pits and campfires. $29.99.

3 Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer
So you’ve got that prime rib on the grill, and the cold is causing columns of steam to rise off the grill cover. It’s nice and warm at the window, but you know you need to go out and see if that precious beef has hit 120 yet — probably several times. With the Oregon Scientific AW133 Grill Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer, you only have to...

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