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Fun Travels - Camp Fire Products Review of FiAir



FiAir -- The handy little blower to feed your fires

This is the first and only truly portable, handheld, battery powered blower on the grill and fireplace accessories market, according to the manufacturer. It's designed specifically to nurture wood and charcoal fires with precision and control. It has many advantages over using your breath to get the fire going, including:

-- coaxing lit coals and kindling to life

-- accelerating hot spots

-- rapidly increasing cooking temperature for a quick sear

-- spreading flames to evenly consume fuel

-- stoking waning fires and refreshing fires as new fuel is added

-- it will work for years to come in kindling healthy fires, indoors or outside.

It's easy to use:

Light your coals or kindling in your preferred way. Stand a few feet away, point FiAir toward hot spots at the base of your fire and press the orange button. This is a powerful tool; starting too close could extinguish newly lit fuel. Then, gradually work your way closer to the fire, feeding airflow to hot spots from an optimal distance for about 30-40 seconds. Release the button and pause to see how the fire is developing. Continue by concentrating brief bursts of about 20 seconds each of FiAir on hot spots to make them even hotter. Then aim at areas that still need to catch or use FiAir to push and spread flames to uncaught coals or logs. Continue using FiAir intermittently to stoke and refresh the flames, as needed, especially when you add new logs or charcoal. For charcoal users, when most coals are covered with white ash, spread them out and place any remaining black coals on top, then stoke again with FiAir.

FiAir Tips:

Kindle Close/Stoke Far: FiAir is powerful enough to use at varying distances as your fire progresses. Fresh fires do not put out much heat, so you can kindle as close as you like to get the blaze goiing. As the fire grows hotter, simply pull back a foot or two and continue using FiAir to spread and raise the flame.

Give it a rest: Once your fire is burning well, do not run FiAir continuously. Overfeeding your fire will burn through your fuel - and your batteries - too quickly.

Stoke responsibly: You'll like using this new tool, but always use absolute care when around open flames. As long as the fire is burning, do not leave it uncared for.

The FiAir uses 3 AAA batteries for the power supply. Using it in brief 30-40 second bursts rather than continuously allows batteries to recover a bit during use. It will continue to provide effective airflow for about 10 fires when used as directed, and excellent instructions come with each FiAir.

Made in America, more information on the FiAir is available at web site

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