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Grilling with Rich: FiAir - let your fire breathe!


FiAir – Let your fire breathe!

BY: Seth Mellin
Published: June 12, 2014

Recently the kind folks at FiAir were kind enough to send me one of their charcoal and fireplace blowers for review. This hand held device runs on AAA batteries and is supposed to help get your charcoal or fire started quickly.

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Editors note: I would like to thank the folks at FiAir for sending over the FiAir Charcoal Grill Blower for review. We at Grilling With Rich never accept payment for our reviews. For more information see our Product Review Guidelines.The FiAir Fire Starter

Everyone knows that one of the most critical things during a long cook is maintaining your heat. Unfortunately, unless you have a *GASP* Gas grill or a pellet feed grill with a temperature gauge and automatic feeder there are going to be times, you don’t realize soon enough to start more charcoal to get your temp back-up.

The FiAir is a small handheld device that is roughly 9 inches long and weighs about 6 oz, so it doesn’t weigh down your BBQ toolkit.  The small but powerful handheld fan proved to be very useful when the team took it out for a spin during a recent cook.

The FiAir helped us get our charcoal to start faster and even spark the wood we added to it quickly to maintain and/or get an extra burst of heat as needed. With its small size, concentrated air flow and power that is just right this device is very handy and makes a great addition to any grill lovers tool kit.  I didn’t try it but it would be great with campfires too I am sure, no more laying on the ground blowing on the fire to get it started, press a button and just wait a few seconds and viola you got Fire!

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