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Kelli Avery —


FiAir Blower
Keep Fires Blazing

If you have ever camped out or made a fire you know getting hot coals to catch from an old fire to a new can be iffy at times. You see people who fan the fire, others who add a million gobs of paper and hope one of them catches long enough to catch the new wood, or how about the ones who sacrifice their nose hairs for the cause while bending down and trying to get as close as you can to the burning embers wondering how in the world something so hot needs help to blaze.

With the FiAir Blower you can erase all those scenarios from any future fire building adventures you may have and think, why didn't I think of this!? The FiAir Blower is the first portable, hand-held battery-powered blower. The air feeder is just 9.2" long and weighs less than 6 ounces.

This past weekend the kids built a fire for smores and as most people know creating coals is an art when it comes to smores, so we patiently waited for them to devour their ooey gooey treats so we could add more wood to the pit. Once we placed the new logs on the fire, my husband proceeded to turn on the FiAir Blower and aim it at the coals. Within seconds flames appeared. He held the blower in place for about another 30 second before moving on to a different area, as he did this all around the fire pit flames began to dance everywhere! I was extremely impressed at how fast we had our bonfire back to full blaze.
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