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P.R.E.P. Product Review: The FiAir Blower Goes Camping



The FiAir Blower Goes Camping

Fire requires three things to happen, oxygen, heat and fuel. In this article we are going to focus on oxygen. We’ve all seen the dramatic scene in every survival show where the soggy survivor lifts the barely clinging to life ember in the tinder bundle towards the sky. Then he gently and hopefully breathes life into the ember as if life depended on it. In reality, the life of the survivor may very well depend on it.

We recently came across an item that uniquely fills a void in the fire crafting market so we decided to slip it into our testing process. Now before you hardcore primitive types roll your eyes, keep in mind that this is a crossover product. It was never designed for what we did with it, but we like to be resourceful and that means sometimes we employ things for unintended uses.



Originally designed to halve the time to get a charcoal grill ready for cooking, lighting the wood stove or fireplace, the FiAir blower has some other outdoor uses besides tailgating and backyard burger cooking. We put it to the test in conjunction with a ferrocerrium rod we were testing and were ‘blown away’ at how fast our tinder bundle exploded in flame. Yes, it was a shameless pun but I must say, we were surprised and almost not ready for the mini firestorm that leapt from the bundle. The above photo sequence lasted all of about 10 seconds and was shot using a burst mode camera.

Of course we as survivors don’t usually like anything that uses batteries or is susceptible to moisture damage but we do feel there is a place in the camping box for a tool like this. Sometimes when we get back to base camp it’s nice to draft a fire to quickly rustle up some chow and don’t want to fan the flames, blowing embers and ash everywhere with a piece of cardboard or worse, laying on the ground like an out of breath hunting hound, blowing on a smoldering pile of debris. Just light the tinder, point and fan. Be sure to have your sticks ready because it’s about to take off.
If you have a couple inches of space left in your pack for some convenience, grab one of these and have some fun with fire. But I want things that have multiple uses you say? I don’t think it will inflate your snivel pad but it will rotate the air in your sleeping bag after Mexican night on the trail. You can also sprinkle some water on your skin and use the blower as a fan to enjoy the benefits of evaporative cooling during the dog days of summer. Be creative and put the air where you need it!                  Email: