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Renown Canadian Grill Chef Ted Reader's Review of the FiAir blower


A few weeks back I received another bbq accessory in the mail. It was a great surprise. Fiair is the product. A hand held battery operated air blower. Since receiving it I have tried it out on a number of different charcoal grills/smokers/pits. It works! Works great actually. 

Sometimes your fire needs a bit of a helping hand and this gadget works well. It is a quick and easy way to add fuel (blowing air/oxygen) into your fire. I have used it on my fire truck pit, my BGE, Fire Pit, Rotisserie Pit and here in this video on my charcoal German Grill. 

works quick enough. no stand needed. 
I used it the other night on my fire pit and got a raging fire going with it. I have one in the fire truck and one at the cottage and one in my bbq rig and one in the back yard. it works!

Have a look at it and check out Fiair at Cheers!

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