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The List: Fun Things in Fall


The List: 8 fun things to do this fall ‪#‎charcoalgrilling‬ ‪#‎fiair‬ 

Yes - we're about to hit peak grilling season. If you're one who can't part with real charcoal flavor, 

how long does it usually take to start your grill? 
And HOW do you light your charcoal? 
With charcoal Lighter Fluid or one of the many environmentally friendly starters that doesn't give your food that added taste of oil?
If you're ready for faster, friendlier fires check out FiAir.

No matter how you light your coals, FiAir will have you cooking in half the time you're used to—typically just 8-12 minutes.

If you live in a colder climate, FiAir brings wood fires from first light to full blaze in about 2 minutes.

All FiAir adds is AIR. But that's really all a fire needs to grow big and strong.

... true grilling season There are those who will say that grilling season begins in the spring. Sure, spring is a celebration of the coming summer and summer a time where your charcoal (or propane) grill gets the most activity. But when push comes to ...

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