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Wiki.EzVid names FiAir blower #2 Best Fireplace Bellows

FiAir Air Blower has been awarded #2 in of best fireplace bellows. Compiled with twenty-six hours of research, this video wiki guide, published in their home category at, is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of fireplace bellow options available to consumers in the United States. 

FiAir is honored to have been selected #2 in this vast category

Our thanks to Wiki.EZvid. We have a good idea of the number of bellows out there. Traditional Squeeze Bellows have been around for centuries in all sizes and styles. We have one with fur on one side— a very handsome, decorative piece. But it was the very inefficiency of these manual bellows that led me to develop FiAir. 

I had been having trouble starting our bedroom fireplace for some reason; possibly damp wood. I used my squeeze bellows, but no matter how quickly I squeezed or close I got, the amount of air reaching the flame on the sawdust starter just wasn't enough to get the wood lit. I finally decided to blow with my breath without success until I finally hyperventilated. As I lay on the hearth, I yelled out to my wife "This is crazy. It's just air!" I ran into the bathroom and grabbed our hair dryer. Wow - it worked great, but overkill! Now, I'm not the first to reach for this fast solution, but it did lead to FiAir. For years I searched for a hair dryer without a heating element (it's the heating that requires electricity). They didn't exist. I looked for other alternatives and bought what I could find, but nothing available matched what I had in mind. After some market research, I finally decided to build it myself. I wanted one so badly and felt millions of others would, too. FiAir has now been shipping for about 3.5 years and my personal unit, along with many thousands of others, is still blowing strong.

Should FiAir be #1 Fireplace Bellows?
Our case: Real firepower in the palm of your hand

Traditional squeeze bellows, no matter how beautifully designed and detailed, still only blow a very limited amount of air intermittently no matter how quickly you squeeze. The same is true of the Bowman BBQ Fan. Cheaper than FiAir, but far less effective because it takes a lot a of fast, continuous squeezing to really start and sustain fire. That's where FiAir is different. FiAir is the first and only truly portable powered blower for both wood and charcoal fires. So, FiAir directs a continuous flow of powerful air at the push of the orange button. The result: wood fires go from first light to full blaze in just 2 minutes. We even have video on our Wood Fires page that shows FiAir getting that full blaze in just 30 seconds! (FiAir also brings charcoal fires from first light to cooking temperature in just 8-12 minutes.)When it comes time to add more logs, no problem. Just a 20-30 seconds of FiAir will have the fire back to a blaze. There has never been a faster or easier way to light your fireplace because FiAir is powerful enough to stoke from a distance with no bending.

More Effective and Affordable than the best traditional bellows

Yes, there's a great array of quality, materials, design and prices for Fireplace Bellows. So, finally price and we're pleased that at just $24.99 FiAir is an extremely affordable alternative to even the #1 pick (75% less :-)
That means most everyone can give the perfect Stocking Stuffer or Thank You Gift this Holiday season.

FiAir can bring Warm Holidays in the North and Happy Holidays in the South for your favorite Keeper of the Flame whether it's for grilling, BBQing, Camping, Fire Pit, Fireplace or Woodstove.

FiAir is Made in America and comes with a One Year Limited Warranty.
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