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Using FiAir - Wood Fires

Wood Fires

First light to full blaze in about two minutes

The warmth of a real wood fire is just minutes away.

At the hearth, woodstove or campsite, FiAir can bring wood to full blaze in two minutes or less, whether you kindle with newspaper, twigs or fluff from the forest floor. Feed your fire with a few bursts of FiAir each time you add wood. Use FiAir again hours later to revive embers of a dying fire and chase away the morning or evening chill. 

At the Camp Site:
Start your campfire faster

Bryon Shissler — lifelong outdoorsman — starts a campfire using FiAir for the first time.

Bryon Shissler is a wildlife biologist and for many years has been enjoying his own farm in rural Pennsylvania. As if that weren't enough, he and his wife Mona also host a wonderful cottage on a placid pond in a setting so peaceful and inviting, we had to return for a second visit. It was at this cottage two years ago that we received our first prototype of FiAir and learned how great a fire tool it would be.

We returned to A Cottage at Campbell Farm in Fort Hill, PA this Fall with the gift of FiAir for Bryon & Mona. Bryon is has spent much of his life outdoors and was happy to show us how he would make a wood campfire in his fire pit — this time using FiAir.

At your Fire Pit:
Start your Fire Pit faster

Because FiAir is a simple, but effective air blower and doesn’t light anything, we’re always looking for different environmentally safe ways to start our fires. This time, we tested Stump Chunks in a Fire Pit. Since we don’t own a fire pit, I asked my neighbors if I could try theirs sometime. They said “Sure - how about tonight since we’re having some people over?"

Our gracious Hosts, (Female Rapper) Kellee Maize and Joey Rahimi, had a good group of friends and relatives who were happy to participate in our little experiment.

Angela Morelli boldly volunteered to be our tester. She was a newbie fire starter and certainly had never used FiAir or Chunk Stumps before, so this was going to be a great test. Angela placed a couple handsful of Stump Chunks into the bottom of the fire pit, lit them and then blowing a continuous blast of air with FiAir. In less than a minute the wood was caught and Stump Chunks had done a fast and easy job of bringing the fire to a blaze. She and the rest of the gang agreed they were impressed, as was I. All it took was pressing the orange button on the FiAir blower to direct a strong flow of air exactly where she pointed it on the Stump Chunks. And she worked from 2-3 feet from the fire without bending. Later, when the partiers allowed the fire to go out leaving nothing but embers under the smoldering wood, Obe Rustemi stepped up and used FiAir to rekindle the fire back to normal in just 15 seconds!

How about that: a simple, low tech point-n-shoot fire tool that will change the way you work with all your fires and last for years. 

At the Hearth or Fireplace:
Never again trade the pleasures of a real wood fire for a gas flame

From kindling to cuddling in the time it takes to nuke your popcorn or slap together the ‘smores. Is that too long to wait for the sight, sounds and smell of a real wood fire? Truly, all you need are some glowing embers under your tinder and FiAir does the rest. Good to know, especially if you need to keep the home fires burning when Mother Nature — or your utility company — is having a bad day.

When the fire has faded to embers, throw on a few more logs and FiAir will have it stoked in 30 seconds or so.