Hand aims FiAir at the heart of the charcoal fire which glows bright orange

FiAir for Charcoal Fires

Don’t trade charcoal flavor for gas grill speed

No matter how you light your coals, FiAir can bring lit charcoal to searing temperature in just 8-12 minutes

— easily half the time of traditional methods. Even faster for cooking at lower temps. Cutting wait time can be important, whether you’re cooking for a crowd on your patio or in a parking lot where hungry tailgaters can turn on you in a heartbeat. Speed matters, too, on the competitive BBQ circuit where a faster start to cooking slow can give your team a serious edge.

You know what you’re cooking and the method and arrangement of coals you’ve chosen. Temperature control is all about how much AIR reaches the fire. More air, hotter fire. Less air cooler fire. You can see when and where your fire needs more FiAir.


Using FiAir with Charcoal and a Chimney

A Charcoal Chimney Starter is perhaps the fastest way to get your coals up to cooking temperature. But even a chimney can take 15-20 minutes to be ready for the dump of blazing coals. Since we’re all about speed and control, we had to see if FiAir could get even the speedy chimney starter ready in half the time. It was a great experiment, as this video shows:

Charcoal vs. Gas

FiAir Changes the Heated Debate


It’s a long-running battle. Surveys show that most grillers prefer the flavor of food cooked over charcoal, but are frustrated by the time it takes for the coals to turn white-hot. Even with accelerants and/or a chimney, it still can take 20-30 minutes until the charcoal is hot enough to cook. Some charcoal lovers have actually switched to gas just to save time! Happily, the days of sacrificing flavor for speed are over with FiAir in your hand.

Temperature Control

Gas grill owners know you can’t just turn on a flame and start cooking.
A gas grill must be pre-heated just like your kitchen oven. It can easily take 7 minutes before the box heats up and the grilling grate is hot enough to sear. Since FiAir can have you cooking in 8-2 minutes, the real speed advantage of gas may be far less than you think.

People who cook with Charcoal know you can quickly reduce the temperature reaching your food by simply moving it to a cooler section of the grill or closing the lower and/or upper vents. Of course, raising temp quickly is just a matter of adding FiAir.


How do you know how much fuel you’ve got? With Propane, it’s hard to know. Ever run out of fuel in the middle of your Grilling Party for 20 guests? That’s why it’s always good to have a backup. That means you must have 2 tanks: one to use & one in reserve. With charcoal, you just lift the bag and learn everything you need to know.

To and From the Store

It’s easy enough to carry 2 big bags of charcoal. Since it’s best to have a backup with Propane, you will occasionally have to carry 2 very heavy full tanks — more of a struggle than a convenience. Something many of us learned long ago.


Slighty Biased

Many have returned to Charcoal once they knew FiAir could quicken and simplify starting their grill. FiAir is the essential new tool for fast, controlled fires.


More Videos

Renown Canadian Grill Chef Ted Reader

“A few weeks back I received another bbq accessory in the mail. It was a great surprise. Fiair is the product. A hand-held battery operated air blower. Since receiving it I have tried it out on a number of different charcoal grills/smokers/pits. It works! Works great actually. Sometimes your fire needs a bit of a helping hand and this gadget works well. It is a quick and easy way to add fuel (blowing air/oxygen) into your fire. I have used it on my fire truck pit, my BGE, Fire Pit, Rotisserie Pit and here in this video on my charcoal German Grill. Works quick enough. no stand needed. I used it the other night on my fire pit and got a raging fire going with it. I have one in the fire truck and one at the cottage and one in my bbq rig and one in the backyard. it works!”

Tailgating Challenge

Check out the FiAir Review in which we at Tailgating Challenge test out the hand held device that REALLY gets the fire going!

Texas Tramper’s Review

 “I never use lighter fluid or chemical fire starters, but I USED TO use a chimney…not so much anymore!

After learning about the Bernzomatic Butane Torch lighter and FiAir, I no longer have to worry about the briquettes or logs catching ;). Works EVERY time!”


Disabled Vet/LEO Motivation Project

Scott Ferencz is a disabled combat Marine veteran from California who served in the first Gulf War and also an injured-in-the-line-of-duty Correctional Officer. Due to his injuries, he had both of his hips and knees replaced and continues to suffer major nerve damage in his back and right leg. He’s endured three knee surgeries and wears a spinal cord stimulator implant. 

In spite of all this, he is determined to remain active in the outdoors and recently went on his first elk hunt and continues camping. Remaining active and fighting the urge to give in to his deficiencies has been so important to him, he created The Disabled Veteran/Law Enforcement Officer Motivation Project share his ideas with his brothers and sisters. He also looks for gear to review and share. When we heard his story and his request, it was easy enough to send a FiAir to see if it could help him and others.

Prototype Test
Weber Starter Cube

Critics of charcoal say the big drawback is that it takes so long for the coals to be ready to cook. How would you like your charcoal grill to be ready for cooking in 8 to 12 minutes? Hard to believe, but just watch!

Prototype 3 Charcoal Test Charcoal Chimney

Published on Sep 22, 2011

This test proves again how fast FiAir can get you up to cooking temperature with charcoal.

I’d heard good things about the Weber Chimney Starter, so I bought one along with the Weber Starter Cubes. It was time now to test FiAir with the Chimney!