A “Must Have” for any woodburning fireplace owner!

This is an absolutely awesome unit. It’s lightweight, ergonomically designed and very effective. I never saw nor heard of anything like this until a friend showed me his. I had to have one! I use it every time with our fireplace. It blows the right amount of air...


Used it right away making a fire at Elk Island National Park. It does what it was promised for. No more using newspaper to fan the fire. Use this Air Blower and you have surely fire in no time even if the wood is wet.

Five Stars

Best invention ever for getting a fire going, even with wet logs.

A handy little fire starter!

Really handy for backyard fire pit! I used to use a bellows but it gave up and fell apart after many years of service. I came to buy a new one and saw this product. I have used it for several weeks now and have used it for many fires. A short blast of air is all it...