Terrific product, saves time (and your lungs!)

acegoet, ,

This is a great product. My family uses a high-efficiency fireplace to heat our house and the last few days have been pretty cold, so we fired it up this past week. In the past – every morning I would wake up and try to get a fire restarted on the hot embers that were left over from the over-night burn. Every morning it was the same thing – either I would be blowing on those embers for 15 minutes or I would have to completely restart the fire.

Now with FiAir, I just put some new wood on top of the embers and use the FiAir to get a hot fire going quickly. It takes about 30 seconds to go from some left over embers to a full blazing fire! Save me time and, more importantly, my lungs!

I did some some other posts about the power of the unit. I am not sure what they were expecting, but mine puts through plenty of air to take embers-to-flame in no time at all. Any more powerful and I think it would blow a bunch of ash around making a huge mess.