Hand aims FiAir at the heart of the charcoal fire which glows bright orange

FiAir for Wood Fires

FiAir Starts

Never trade the pleasures of a real wood fire for a gas flame

From kindling to cuddling in about the time it takes to read this section. Is that too long to wait for the sight, sounds & smell of a real wood fire? Truly, all you need is some newspaper balls or kindling a way to light them and FiAir does the rest. Good to know if you NEED to keep the home fires burning when Mother Nature — or your utility company — is having a bad day.

Yes, sometimes it takes a minute or two, but this time — with nothing but some newspaper balls beneath the wood, FiAir was able to bring this fire to full blaze in just 30 seconds. When the fire has faded to embers, throw on a few more logs and FiAir will have it blazing again in 20 to 30.
Fast rekindling from embers is mightily helpful if you depend on a fireplace or Wood Stove for heat. Mornings can be especially cold after the fire has burnt out and needs more fuel. Nice to know you’ll be warm again in less than a minute!

FiAir Starts

Sometimes you just really NEED a fast campfire

If you’re just going to be sitting around a campfire in good conversation, speed may not be important. But when you get hungry or cold outdoors, fire is a necessity.
FiAir makes it fast & easy for anyone to start a campfire because all fires need air and that’s exactly what FiAir delivers at the push of a button. No need for knowledge of fuel to air ratios!


Bryon Shissler is a retired wildlife biologist who has spent much of his life outdoors and was happy to show us how he would make a campfire — this time using FiAir.

He began blowing from a few feet away so as not to snuff out the flames. Then he slowly moved FiAir closer and directed an intense flow of air right into the heart of the young fire. At just 1:10 after pressing the orange power button, he declared: “And we’re almost ready for the hotdogs!… Now if you wanted to, you could continue to use this, but that fire’s going to take off.”

For demonstration purposes, he did continue to add air as he explained —

“If you’re trying to start an outdoor fire, there’s no question that FiAir is gonna accelerate the process. And for many people who have a difficult time getting the right FUEL TO AIR RATIO, this takes a lot of that away so that anybody can build a fire quickly and efficiently…That is the problem: getting the right FUEL TO AIR RATIO. This would be a good gift for impatient people: instant fire.”


FiAir Starts
Fire Pits

Enjoy the pleasures of a wood fire more easily with FiAir 

FiAir is a simple, but effective Air Blower — it doesn’t LIGHT anything. So, we’re always looking for different environmentally safe ways to start our fires. I had something new to try and since we don’t own a fire pit, I asked my neighbors if I could try theirs sometime. They said, “Sure – how about tonight? We’re having some people over and we’re planning to use the fire pit anyway.”

Our Hosts, popular Female Rapper Kellee Maize and husband Joey R, had a good group who were happy to participate. Angela M volunteered to be our tester. As a newbie fire starter, she had never used FiAir, or the Chunk Stumps we were trying, before. Angela placed a couple handsful of Stump Chunks into the bottom of the fire pit, lit them and then blew a continuous blast of FiAir. In less than a minute the wood was caught! Everyone was impressed. Angela worked from 2-3 feet from the fire without bending. Later, when the partiers allowed the fire to go out leaving nothing but embers under the smoldering wood, one stepped up and used FiAir to rekindle the fire back to normal in just 15 seconds!

How about that: a simple, low tech Point-n-Shoot fire tool that will change the way you work with all your fires and last for years.

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We like the sleek design and easy one hand operation of the FiAir Blower. Just get your tinder started beneath your fuel, point the FiAir and press the button to deliver the fire a shot of life-giving air. Operating on three AAA batteries, the FiAir delivers just the right quantity and velocity of air to get the fire blazing quickly.


John T’s Review

Do you ever struggle to get your wood burning fireplace going?
How long does it take? Five minutes? Ten? You’re not alone.

John’s wife always called on him to start up their wood burning fireplace.
So, independent as she is, he wanted to make it easier for her to do it herself. The old manual squeeze-type fireplace bellow just wasn’t doing the job. So, John decided to give her a FiAir blower to feed air to the fire at the push of a button. He didn’t hear from her all Winter. Finally, John had to try it for himself and did this video review of his experience. He just lit some newspaper balls under his cordwood logs and watched the blaze grow as he added FiAir.


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User Video of FiAir in the desert

We don’t know who shot this video or where, but it seems to be from a Mid-East desert. It came from a Pinterest post.

It’s most gratifying that our Made in America FiAir is now a Worldwide Fire Tool with users in 54 Countries.

Prototype Fireplace

Published on Jan 9, 2012
FiAir is the new tool of choice for people who want to enjoy the sights, sounds & smells of a real wood fire in their fireplace without the fuss. Stack your wood (with spaces to breathe) and a bunch of balled up newspaper underneath and light the paper. You don’t have to light all the newspaper, just the balls you can easily reach the front and sides. Then aim FiAir directly at the flames below the wood. FiAir will push the fire to the back and within seconds all the paper will be aflame and the wood will catch. Stop FiAir after 30 seconds to let the flames settle. Some sections may need more, so just aim FiAir slightly in front of them to force the flames in the direction you want.
It’s always a good idea to pause FiAir to check the fire’s progress.

Just move FiAir closer or further from the fire depending on how much air you think it needs and how hot it feels.


Prototype Fireplace in 1 minute